FAQ NYC: The most New York you can put in your ear

Forget about the New Yorker—come listen to the New Yorkest podcast about the only city in the world as we dig into what’s happening now, how we got here and where we’re going next along with the characters who make it here and the many more who don’t quite make it. Sometimes, we talk to elected officials and candidates, sometimes we talk to “ordinary” New Yorkers, some times we discuss things with each other or other reporters, and sometimes we do musical episodes. Every week it’s something else, and the only way to find out what is to listen.

FAQ NYC is part of The City, the nonprofit and nonpartisan newsroom reporting about New York and for New Yorkers and digging into what’s happening now. We’re also a member of the Brickhouse collective of independent creators, and are headquartered at the McSilver Institute for Poverty, Policy and Research at NYU.


Dr. Christina Greer Co-Host

“This would be hilarious if it wasn’t our democracy at stake.”

I’m a political scientist and professor at Fordham University, author of Black Ethnics: Race, Immigration, and the Pursuit of the American Dream, and interested in all things cities and Black politics. I’m currently researching the history of the African Americans who’ve run for president, as well as another book on the history of transportation and Black Americans.

I grew up reading Sweet Valley High, going to miscellaneous summer camps, and watching copious amounts of television, so that I practically have a PhD. in black sitcoms.

Katie Honan Co-Host

I’m a lifelong Queens resident, first next to the beach before moving to the mainland. I’m also a reporter at THE CITY, covering lots of different things in New York City. I’ve worked at The Wall Street Journal, DNAinfo (RIP), NBC 4 New York, and on movie and TV sets in another life.

Harry Siegel Co-Host and Executive Producer

I’m a senior editor at The City, a columnist at the Daily News and a lifelong New Yorker. I co-wrote a book about Mayor Giuliani, worked previously at the New York Sun, New York Press, Politico, the Village Voice and Newsweek and the Daily Beast, and once spent a year in Michigan as a Knight-Wallace fellow.

Alex Brook Lynn Contributing Host

I’m a filmmaker and multi-media journalist and lifelong resident of the isle of Manhatta presently globetrotting. After cycling through several of NYC’s specialized high schools I went on to get her degree in city politics from the prestigious FFM, alma mater of the late, great Al Smith.

I sleep next to a police scanner and I’ve written and produced multi-media content for The Daily Beast, Gawker, Deadspin, Vice, The New York Daily News and New York Press not to mention that I was the founding producer of this podcast.

Adam Chimera Mayor of Sounds

I’m a recording engineer, musician and jack of many trades who’s made it all the way in life from Manhattan to Brooklyn.